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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Games that Reinforce Language Skills

I would love to have more traditional Montessori materials, but frankly, I just cannot afford it at this time. I would also love to be able to make even more of my own materials, but I cannot find the time. However, the learning "must go on" no matter how small our budget is or how little time I have. This is why I am also on the lookout for items that can be useful to our learning style, fun, and economical. Blogger Jr. fits all of the above.


Blogger Jr. comes with picture cards with the words spelled on the bottom. You place the cards in the container and cover up the word with a drop-down "door." The dice is used to spell out the word.


I really like this game because it has a control. Little Angel can check her answers after she is done spelling the word. It is fun, educational, and we found it on sale at Target for under $8. What a deal! Maybe if I could find a few extra minutes here and there I might can even create my own word cards to fit in the holder.


  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing I wasn't aware of Boggle Jr.

  2. I love Boggle and I was wondering what Boggle Jr. offered! This is great! I did not know it had flashcards with it. I am going to get one. Thank you for this tip. You always have such super ideas! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  3. We love Boggle Jr.! We too have had to become "creative" with our Montessori inspired materials - board games are fantastic in this way.

    LOVE your blog - so many great ideas on here. :)

  4. nice tip.Thank u for sharing. I am a mother of two kids 1y a 3y. I would like to follow montessori at home with my kids. Could u recomend me some websites where I could get some info on Montessori.I am not sure when and how to start with practising lang and math skill with my kids.Tereza-Czech Republic

  5. Tereza,

    If you will email with your email address, I will be happy to send some web links.

    Thanks! Kyle

  6. I didn't know there was a Bogger, jr!! I'm so excited!!! Big sis will love that.

    Great post. We needed Christmas ideas :)

  7. You don't have to make sight word cards. Target or walmart sell sigt word flash cards that would work great for your boggle jr. I have the boggle jr. and I use sigt word flash cards with mine and it works great.