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Monday, August 23, 2010

Synonym Fun

Or, I could say, Synonym Cheers, Synonym Enjoyment, Synonym Entertainment… or my personal favorite… Synonym Mirth!

This is just another area that proves I find my fun in odd places. It makes me giggle (snicker, chortle, tee hee) to engage in word play. My children have picked up on this somewhat also…however, sometimes I stand there cracking myself up and they just look at me blankly like “you are so weird!”
I first introduce synonyms by using Montessori materials. They are pictured below. We place the heading cards at the top of the workspace and then separate the cards into their respective columns.

We also have fun with synonyms by playing a version of “I’m Going on a Picnic.” I will start off by saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I am bringing a huge apple.” Then, I will say to one of my kids, “I will go on a picnic and bring a gigantic apple.” If they do not seem to pick up on it, I will say, “I am going on a picnic and I will bring a humongous apple.” I will further explain what I am doing if they still do not catch on, and we will practice again with another round of “slick bananas”, “slippery bananas”, etc.

Another way in which we engage in our synonym fun is using Synonym Bingo. We use popcorn, cereal bits, button, or sometimes even torn paper squares for game markers.

Hope you find these ideas as …helpful...beneficial...advantageous… as I did! Synonym cards and Synonym Bingo can be found on

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