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Friday, August 27, 2010

Turning a Circle into a Square

It doesn’t take much to excite my children – or me either, to be quite honest. I had a Mickey Mouse Magic Book when I was five. I fell in love with a dollar bill trick. You hold it up and fold it a certain way and when you unfold it, it is upside down. I still remember that trick and have mesmerized my children with it many times.

When I found this activity (forming simple shapes)I knew they would love it. It shows how to make a square from a circle. I vaguely remember doing things like this in elementary school, but I had forgotten it until I was looking for some geometric shape ideas. This was the perfect follow up for our geometric shape nomenclature cards.

We cut, folded, and created for hours! Does anyone need any extra “circle-squares?”

1 comment:

  1. my kids learned the dollar bill trick in kindergarten! They love it still! I was amazed that a teacher with 20=25 little 5 year olds could find the time to teach fun tricks and games with them!
    This shape idea is fantastic!
    Thanks again!