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Games, Creativity, and Fine Motor Skills

I love going to the bookstore. Something about just walking in the doors brings a feeling of peace that relaxes my mind and body. I could spend hours and hours wandering through the aisles, rediscovering the old and taking in the new.

On my way to the gym last night, I took a little detour and visited our local bookstore. At first I felt a little guilty, but once I walked through those doors, the guilt just floated out of my head. I promised myself that I would not purchase anything, as it is close to Christmas and we have had "Murphy" come live with us over the last couple of months in the form of car problems, heating unit issues, extra doctor bills, etc.

I was making one last stroll through the back of the store. It is the hobby and craft section of the store. I usually try to stay clear of this section as it is extra tempting to purchase these wonderful books, but I never seem to have time to start, much less complete, any of the projects.

One book stood out from the rest. It was called Origami Games: Hands-On Fun for Kids by Joel Stern. I have a few origami books that we have created projects with, but the kids were somewhat tired of doing the same thing. My son especially needs activities such as these to work on his fine motor skills, as they are still lacking significantly in this area. I do have to admit there are only so many butterflies you can talk a little boy into making. This book was just what I needed.

Origami Games contains activities that enable you to create actual games to play. It has instructions ranging from a basketball hoop, bowling pins, to sailboats. It even has a game called "Slay the Dragon" where you make a "goal post" (also used for paper football) and hang an origami dragon from it and try to knock it down with a triangular football-shaped paper. We created a basketball hoop this morning and had a blast. It was so much fun and I love having the kids make their own "fun" while getting such a practical skill at the same time (fine motor skills)

If you think the basketball hoop looks fun - you should make the catapult! It was loads of fun!

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  1. Great post about Origami. We like to do simple origami here...makes such a fun shelf work for the boys to do.
    Thank you for sharing about the various resources...we will have to try the ones you suggest.
    Hope that you are having a nice week.