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Friday, August 20, 2010

Digital Dialects - Foreign Language Study Resource

Learning French was one of my favorite things in High School. I absolutely loved it. My teacher was very good and we learned a lot that has stuck with me 20 years later. I was amazed at how much I can remember from so long ago. During my early twenties, I even impressed a group of foreign exchange students at my workplace with my language ability (of course they were very kind and I think they thought I was amusing with my Southern-accented pronunciations). 

This is one area in which I want to offer more to my children, and to learn more myself. The only problem is that right now we are somewhat financially strapped, so purchasing resources is not in the budget at the time. I also cannot seem to find the time to make many things in this subject area.

In my search to compensate, I found a website called Digital Dialects. It teaches skills levels from basic to advanced. It has over 60 different languages. It was very easy to maneuver around and the learner has a couple of choices, such as "learning or games" and "text or audio" version. The audio cames out faint when we used headphones, so we had to unplug and use the speakers... but other than that, it is working out to be a good learning tool to add to our bucket of resources!


  1. Great find! I'm off to check it out :)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I am so thrilled you found this and shared it with me...Fantastic! My girls were just talking about how they want to learn a language...but all the systems I have found are expensive! Thanks!