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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ribbon Curling - Practical Life Activity

Ribbon curling is a family favorite practical life activity. I try to put this out close to brithdays or holidays/events in which we wrap gifts/use gift bags. I place a curled ribbon (for an example reminder), scissors, and ribbon strands that have been tied together in a basket. I demonstrate the procedure as a reminder for my younger children. I usually leave about 5 ribbon strands in the basket. Sometimes, I will actually create 2 baskets because 2 of my children really enjoy this activity and they would be disappointed if there were not enough ribbon strands to curl.


We have also used the curled ribbons to create birthday decorations and hair decorations. The part I really like about this activity is that they enjoy it so much (it is magical to them how the ribbon just curls), and it is economical and really helps during gift-giving time. They really gain a sense of confidence and feel like they have really helped the family when I use what they create in our daily lives.

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  1. What a great practical life activity! And it’s an activity that can feel children feel important by helping with the family celebrations. I love your blog and just gave you an award at!