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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Outdoor Nonmenclature Cards

I love the traditional Montessori-style of teaching and I try to stick to at least the main philosophy of the method of following the child while setting up as many natural learning experiences and variety of interesting experiences as possible. 
This is very difficult to do with three children while making sure everyone has at least one pair of clean underwear (I will confess one day last summer, I found my daughter wearing her bathing suit bottoms as undies when I forgot to double check her underwear stash for the week).

All things considering, I try to use the materials I make or put together in as many varied "lessons" as possible --- not necessarily true montessori, but I feel that it is effective, fun, and better than sitting at desks all day long :)
One of the ways we use this set of outdoor nomenclature cards is in the more traditional manner of matching label cards with the respective picture card. I printed off two sets of labels and affixed the name of the thing shown in the picture to the back of the card for self checking.

On beautiful days, we use the cards in an outdoor activity. We lay the cards on the sidewalk, pictures down and words facing up. Little Angel takes the cards and finds an example outside of what the word states.
To self-check, Little Angel flips the card over and see if the picture matches the real-life example. I love finding ways to take our classroom outside... and the kids seem to become more peaceful after an activity like this also.
You can find a copy of these montessori materials: outdoor nomentclature cards at Look in the nomenclature cards section.

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