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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Word Booklets

Little Angel is at the stage that she likes little things.... little toy figures, little pencils, little combs and brushes, and little books. She says she feels "like a giant" when she is playing with the little things or holding the small things. 

This inspired me to create little booklets for her to read. She kept picking up small books around the house and looking at them. The only problem is that she could not independently read them all by herself. The store bought books had words like "practice" or "wish" thrown in with what was supposed to be a beginning phonetic word book.

Little Angel really enjoys reading through the one-word booklets I created. I took the pink level reading list and just listed a single word on each individual page. I created 15 booklets using the 2 and 3-letter phonetic words from the pink level.I punched holes in the top left hand corner and secured the pages with a ring. I have also created booklets for the blue level words also. This gives her one more way to practice in reading the words individually in order to achieve the automaticity needed.


  1. Great job! I think I will definitely need this for Ella as we progress.

  2. Small books would be fantastic here...I love the idea!