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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sight Word Fun

We try to make rote learning as fun as possible. I created these hand-shaped flash cards for my children as one way to have fun memorizing those words that do not fit in the normal phonetic structure. I post two or three hand-shaped sight word cards on the door of a room. As we leave a room/house, I'll ask that we give "the" a high five, or "on" a high five. I'll even raise them a little higher than their normal arm span so they can have a little fun jumping to reach them. I have these hand-shaped sight word cards already pre-printed in my language section of I have a set for the pink, blue, and green levels.

I also created rectangular flash cards for the children to practice sight words.
We use them in many ways:
1) As shown in the picture, I print 2 copies of the words and we play a concentration game with the sight words.
2) I will hold them up and they get to keep in a "treasure box" the ones that they memorize. They love seeing their cards stack up.
3) I will use 2 sets of words and place one set in rows/columns on the living room floor. I will hide the other set around the room. As they find them, they place them on the correct match. They get to put the ones they can read in a separate pile.
4)We play go fish or any other type of traditional card game with them we can think of playing. You can download the sightword flashcards(rectangular) shown here and other sight word materials for free at The hand-shaped flashcards are downloadable for subscription members.

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  1. Thanks for the link to your site. I just printed off every version of the sight word Bingo. What a great way to practice!

    Thank you :)