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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun with Coupons

I have attempted "couponing" on and off my entire married life. I have cut many out, left many more at home, and wound up using few of them after my hours of hard work. After being reminded once again how much "couponing" can save (and paying for the countless number of car repairs, home repairs, etc.), I have vowed once again to coupon once more.

As I was searching through the paper and cutting out my "two for ones," I quickly realized the interest my kids had in coupons. I decided that making it more of a family activity would encourage me to be more adamant about using the coupons and also teach my children valuable practical life skills about budgeting, saving, and decision-making.

We also had quite a bit of fun with the coupons:
  • sorting coupons into food categories
  • ordering coupons from least to greatest and greatest/least (respective to the amount saved on coupon)
  • alphabetizing products on coupons
  • ordering coupons by expiration dates
I also created a Coupon Math Activity where the child chooses and reads a problem card that tells how much a grocery product is. Then, the child finds the corresponding coupon and subtracts the amount from the initial product cost. It was a hit (and a great review of subtracting money/decimals). 

Click montessori materials to find this activity.

My daughter was so inspired that she even created a home-made coupon holder.

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