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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Word Study: Nouns

Parts of speech can be somewhat confusing at times and need to be reviewed on a regular basis in our household so we keep the information fresh in our brains. When we begin our review, we usually begin with the Noun Game. It is a game that can involve the whole family and is lots of fun.

After we finish the noun game, we sometimes complete a "mad-lib." Usually when  we are focusing on one part of speech, I will fill in the other parts of speech that are missing (i.e. going ahead and providing the verbs, adverbs, etc. and just leaving the nouns blank) and they provide the nouns and then we read the stories aloud for a few laughs.

Another activity we engage in is pulling sentences from favorite books (or make up or own) and writing the sentence down on a white board or piece of paper. The montessori symbol for nouns in a black equilateral triangle, so we draw the symbol above the nouns in the sentence.

I have also created noun cards for the pink, blue, and green levels in montessori (phonetic and non-phonetic). Today, my Little Angel worked with the blue phonetic noun set (FREE)  I added a black triangle to this set to introduce the symbol to her.

As an extension to our activity, we use the noun cards to create original sentences and then mark our nouns with black triangles.

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  1. The parts of speech also needs to be reviewed often in my home as well. I love your activities. I am really impressed with all of your printable materials. I am now a subscriber. You can expect your materials will make frequent appearances on my blog. My nine and six year will benefit a lot from the works you created. Thank you in advance for making this affordable and accesible. Well I am off to go print, laminate,and cut.