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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's New with Nouns

Little Angel is a having such a good time identifying nouns, I am having a difficult time coming up with new ideas to practice our skill. We have "gone on a Noun Picnic", we have traveled on a noun scavenger hunt, practiced with our noun cards, written sentences with chosen nouns, found nouns in our storybooks, etc.

Today, she looks up at me and says "What's new with nouns today?" She has been having so much fun, I tried not to disappoint. So, in my attempt to find a new and different practice, that was also self-correcting, I created a couple of puzzle sheets in which she had to identify nouns.
The first one was a "beginner" crossword puzzle. She hasn't actually completed crossword puzzles before, but has seen her older brother and sister having fun with them. I tried to create the puzzle sheet so she will learn what "across" and "down" mean on a crossword puzzle sheet without getting confused with them all being mixed together for her first few attempts.

First, she draws a triangle over each noun as she reads the sentences.

Next, she fills the "crossword" puzzle in with the nouns she found from the sentences. Big sister is looking on, asking for her own noun puzzle.

Here is my crossword creation: 

Pic to the left is the completed puzzle sheet. Pic to the right is the control.

I have written sentences at the bottom of the sheet labeled "across" and "down." She reads each sentence (which gives her extra reading practice) and draws a triangle over each noun. Then, she finds the "1 Across" and then writes the noun from that sentence in the respective box, and so on. She checked her work with the control sheet.

The second puzzle sheet was a mini word find. Once again, Little Angel draws a triangle over each noun in the sentences and then finds the nouns in the word searches. She checks her answers with the control sheet.

the phonetic noun wordsearch and control card

She had so much fun that her brother and sister are jealous and are asking for some too!

You can find the noun puzzles below:
--- For Pink Level click here (Pink level uses only 2-3 letter phonetic words)
--- For Blue Level click here (Blue level uses 4 or more letter phonetic words)

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  1. Another great set of printables! Thank you so much for sharing.