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Friday, August 13, 2010

Multiples on Number Chart

I had no idea that finding multiples and common multiples could be so much fun. I will admit that my idea of fun doesn't usually match all of my friends' ideas of fun. I do seem to get excited when someone mentions math, or there is math work around. There is something about it that has always really engaged my mind.

Although I really enjoy math, I never really found enjoyment in finding multiples when I was in school. I didn't mind it or dislike it, but I wouldn't have labeled it enjoyable. However, when Young Thinker and I decided to do the "Multiples on Number Chart" work, I really had fun (he seemed to enjoy it to, but I'm not so sure if he liked it as much as I did.)

I think what really interested me about this work is that it was so simple and straightforward. We have previously completed work with Multiples on Pegboard. While this work is a necessary prerequisite, I do have to say I like this next step of the Number Chart ,which leads to the abstract, even better.

All you need is a number chart, pencils, and paper in which to record your answers. I have "Multiples Paper" which asks Young Thinker to record the number in which he is finding the multiples, then he records that number on the top of the Number Chart. Then, he circles the multiples on the number chart and records the numbers he has circled on the Multiples Paper when he has finished. Easy!

I have downloadable instructions, Number Chart, and recording sheets for multiples, common multiples, and least common multiples available for download at (it is part of the subscriber section - but it is also easy to make your own!)

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