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Monday, July 12, 2010


Today was one of those days. Whatever side of my brain that controls my vocabulary and ability to describe what I mean was totally taking a vacation. I could not think of even the simplest words to carry on a conversation with my family. Times like these are when I need tools to think for me. Paragraphy is a useful tool during a much needed brain-vacation day.

Paragraphy takes any paragraph and rearranges the sentences to "mix them up." This is great to reinforce sequencing skills. Here, I have typed in a simple nursery rhymes. You have to include periods so the tool knows the end of a thought, line, or sentence - this is how it "breaks up" the text into sentences. You just hit submit and you have a sequencing activity. You can just enlarge the text and print and have your child rewrite the sentences in the correct order on a separate sheet of paper.

To enlarge the text, just click on View in the internet browser tool bar, then click "zoom" and then click "zoom in" until you reach the desired text size.


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  2. This really is a great exercise for the brain! Thank you for reminding me! I have seen this before. Thank you for your nice comment today. I really appreciate it!

    Mama Hen

  3. I need to do this exercise a few times every day!! I have a little award for you Thanks for the inspiration!

    You have great ideas!