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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good Bye Rituals

A couple of years ago, when my Sunshine was in Practical Life at the Montessori school in which I taught, she had a bit of "separation anxiety."  We tried just about anything you could think of to make the transition a positive one. I would let her wear my favorite necklace, we would spray my lavendar pillow spray on her shirt and her napping pillow, we even resorted to her wearing my favorite socks... nothing seemed to ease her anxiety and it was breaking my heart.  Then, one afternoon when I stepped into her classroom to pick her up, they were chanting this goodbye song. I absolutely loved it. She was beaming and swinging her hips in time with the chant.  I asked her teacher for the words. The rest of that year, we started doing the little chant before I walked away from her door to my own classroom. She left with a smile every day of the rest of that school year. We still do it now at bedtime with Little Angel and anytime they go and visit Grandma. It always leaves us feeling very joyful.                     

See  You  Later,  Alligator

See  you  later,  alligator
 After  awhile,  crocodile
 Bye-bye,  butterfly
 Give  a  hug,  ladybug
 Toodle-ee-oo,  kangaroo
 See  you  soon,  raccoon
 Time  to  go,  buffalo
Can’t  stay,  blue  jay
 MaƱana,  iguana
 The  end,  my  friend!

adapted by Nellie Edge

Nellie Edge Anthology – Copyright 1988, revised 2004

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  1. I'm so glad I discovered you through the Montessori Goldmine. Your blog is full of great ideas!

  2. My kids are going to love that....I'm doing it tonight and the next night! Thanks! =)

  3. this is about the sweetest goodbye song ever! thanks for sharing ;)

  4. I do hope it brings as much joy to you all as it does to our matter what kind of day I have had, hearing their tiny voices chant this out always puts a smile on my face. Thank you for such kind comments!

  5. Those poems are too cute - will have to use them!