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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Figure This Math Challenge

Math is one of my favorite subjects. I love figuring out patterns and procedures in's like a game. I have noticed the same affinity for math in my children. They love solving puzzles, problems, and mysteries. They also love to determine the "whys" of the things that surround them in our environment. 

Figure This Math Challenge has some fun math "challenges" that families can conquer together. A few of the challenges are:
  • How fast does your heart beat?
  • How far can you go on one tank of gas?
  • Does bigger perimeter mean bigger area?
  • How much water do you waste?
  • Is the Statue of Liberty's nose too long
And my personal favorite..... "Why aren't manhole covers square?" This is also a favorite of my family. We made our own "manholes" of different shapes and discovered which shape actually works best and why.

There are 80 challenges in the index. We are still working our way down the list. What I have really enjoyed about this site is that it has seemed to have inspired our whole family to look at our environment in a different way and has created a delightful curiosity amongst the children of  "why did they make it that way" or "I wonder what makes the light look like a rainbow when it shines through Grandma's front door?"

***Since starting these challenges, I have found my "How Come?" book I bought a few years back VERY useful!


  1. I love it! My son does much better with math with it's not written in 2+3= form. And what a nice way to increase logical reasoning!

  2. This is great! I will have to remember this for when my daughter gets a little bit older and do some age appropriate challenges now. I will also remeber this for when I go back to teaching. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  3. I’m your newest follower =) happy friday