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Monday, July 19, 2010

Feedback Needed

Thank you for your interest... I have had many wonderful people who have already assisted with this request!

I have a website that I am just getting established called It offers printable montessori materials for a subscription price of just $4.49/month for all you need to download (free downloads are also available). There is no yearly commitment, you can cancel at anytime.

I really want to make my site useful for the montessori community. I need raw, honest feedback in order to do this. If anyone gets the chance, I would greatly appreciate feedback on my site. I am offering a free 3 week trial of the site and all I ask in return is that you complete a short survey. You will not have to sign up for a subscription for the 3 week trial, I will send a login/password to your email.

If you are interested, please contact me in one of the following ways:
  • leave a comment on this post (with your email)
  • tweet me your interest (mont4learnblog)  - (with your email)
  • facebook me your interest - (with your email)
  • email me your interest (  or


  1. I'd love to help and do the survey.

    juliecerdas at gmail dot com

  2. I have been trying to access my subscription, at the same time my send email feature hasn't been working. I think you have a lot of good worksheets. My email is I am able to receive my mail. My subscription is under another name. I am so glad you post about this. I didn't know if it was the right thing to comment about it. Thank you!! Can't wait to download.

  3. ¸.•..¸.•*¨Hopping in from Mailbox Mondays! Im your new subscriber!

    Im a home schooling mom to 4 I could swear Ive use Montesorri for help. The reading portion. Almost positive. I use so many sites for different subjects.

    Hope you can come on by and return the follow♥

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    Off to the next great blog!¸.•..¸.•*¨

  4. I really love all of the original ideas on your blog and would love to check out your printables and help with the survey.
    My email is

  5. I am your newest email subscriber from Mailbox Mondays!

  6. It is late now, but I will take a look tomorrow! Thank you for stopping by! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  7. Is it too late to take the survey or provide feedback? I was a Montessori teacher before my kids were born, currently teach one day at my older childrens Montessori school and am getting ready to homeschool my youngest in Montessori this fall. I printed out some of your mirror cards and my 4 year old loved them. I'll have to email you a pic of the pouch I made for them. Fun!!