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Monday, June 21, 2010

Spelling Practice

We practice spelling in our house a variety of different ways. One of our favorite ways is "sign language spelling."  One person will read the spelling words to the "student." The "student" then spells out the word using sign language. Sometimes the kids call them out to each other, sometimes I call them out, sometimes they call them out to me so I can practice my sign language. It is great fun learning two skills at one time. There are many printable sign language charts online. I downloaded this FREE printable from PBS.

If we want spelling to be an individual activity, we pull out spelling cards with pictures. I have printable downloads available for pink, blue and green levels. Available in the Reading Sections.

You can laminate them, or place them in sheet protectors. My kids love practicing spelling with them as they get to "write-on and wipe-off" their words. They check their own work with a control card.                

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