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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reading Comprehension Skills

Sometimes I have writers block and coming up with new sentences and paragraphs for reading and comprehension activities to put on command cards or any type of learning material is not easy. I draw a blank and what should take me 30 minutes, can take me a whole day (or even longer). Many times teachers will clean out their classrooms at the end of the year. Some of their own materials make great homeschool materials. I will go visit my local school toward the end of the year and ask to post a note in the teachers lounge asking for anyone to contact me if they have materials they are going to throw away for a certain grade. Many times, I wind up throwing away the materials anyway, however, many times I can use the materials with my children. I have cut problems from old math books and workbooks. I have made spelling activities from old workbooks. I even picked up a set of comprehension readers for my older children. These would not be for every child, but my "sunshine" loves them. She would do a whole booklet in a day if I allowed her too. Go and visit your local school at the end of the school year. You might be surprised and the materials and manipulatives that can be used "Montessori-style."

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