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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Initial Word Sounds

My Littlest angel needed practice in isolating initial sounds. She could word build just fine, but when it came to thinking about the initial sound in other situations, sometimes she got the initial and middle sounds mixed up and then she would get frustrated.

This led me to create the initial sound cards for her. After practicing just a couple of times, she now has the initial sounds mastered.

There are two controls built into this work. One, is that each initial sound card has only the correct number of letter cards needed for the set. Two,
is the control card itself. She loves flipping over the control card and self--checking her work. I love the way she points at the control card and restates the name of the word and then points at her work card, and restates it again (extra reading practice!)

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  1. You are so clever and resourceful!

    Thanks very much for your kind comment on my blog and I'm absolutely honored that you've linked me to your side bar.

    Counting Coconuts